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        Suite 10236
        Unit 1, 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay
        Dublin 2

        Phone: (01) 544 8723

        Email: info@prosperity.ie


        Or Become a Client


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        Prosperity is a Trademark and Registered Business Name of Thank God it’s Monday Limited which is a company registered in Ireland: no 337681.

        This statement governs our privacy policies with respect 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 those users (visi巴蜀麻将是不是有挂rs, applicants and registrants) of the Prosperity.ie website (site) who register their details 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the site or submit a CV and other personal details through the job application pages or by signing up for email alerts or 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 newsletters on the site, and who make use of the various services offered by Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity (collectively: Services)

        By completing a registration and applying for jobs posted 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the site, you are demonstrating clear affirmative action and signifying agreement 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the processing of your personal data in a manner as described in this Privacy Policy. Any Personal Information which you volunteer 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 Thank God it’s Monday Limited t/a Prosperity will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.


        If you do not agree with our processing of your data in the manner outlined below, please do not submit any personal data 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 us.


        Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity collects your information from job applications you have submitted through the Site such as your name, contact details and also sensitive personal data such as information in your CV, and such personal data is s巴蜀麻将是不是有挂red, processed, used and disclosed by us in the following ways:

        • To understand your needs and provide a job seeking service;
        • To match your profile with potential job opportunities where you have given your consent 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 do so;

        Any information that you provide through our system will not be sold, rented, leased 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 any third parties for the purpose of selling or marketing their services 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 you.

        When you complete a registration on the Site and set up an account, Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity collects your personal data, but does not use it in any other way than 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 enable you 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 submit your CV, apply online for jobs or 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 subscribe 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 alerts about jobs. When you register on the Site, your password is encrypted and is not viewable 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 any staff member of Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity.

        We reserve the right 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 transfer your information 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 a third party in the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership or transfer of all or substantially all of the assets of our company provided that the third party agrees 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 adhere 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the terms of this Privacy Policy and provided that the third party only uses your Personal Data for the purposes that you provided it 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 us. You will be notified in the event of any such transfer and you will be afforded an opportunity 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 opt-out.


        If you have completed a registration on this website, by logging in巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 your account online, you may:

        • View, update, change or delete your CV Document(s).
        • Amend, deactivate or delete any or all job alerts that you register for.
        • Hard delete your registration account and all information therein.

        All of your data in your registration account is viewable 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 you when you login; however, if you wish us 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 send you a copy of the details therein, please submit your request and we will, upon verification of your request, export the data 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 you in a machine readable format.

        Otherwise, if you have applied for a job / interacted with any personnel of Prosperity on a job, and you would like a copy of the information held on you or if you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, or if you would like us 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 hard delete all information we hold on you in our company database, please write 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 us at the following email address: datamanager@prosperity.ie. Please input ‘Data Enquiry’ in巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the subject line. We will comply with your request / promptly correct any information confirmed 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 be incorrect within 30 days of your verified request*.

        * Please note that we may ask you 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 verify your identity and seek more information about your request. Where we are legally permitted 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 do so, we may refuse your request and will give you reasons for doing so.


        If you have completed a registration 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the Prosperity website (i.e. signed up for job alerts etc.), your registration will remain extant for so long as you decide 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 maintain it - it is up 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 you 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 manage your account and hard delete your registration if you no longer require it. However, if wish for us 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 delete your account and all information therein on your behalf, please send us a request 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 do so from the email address the account is registered 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂; you should send the request 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂: datamanager@prosperity.ie

        If you have applied for a job / or submitted your CV or Personal Details or both in any manner 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 Prosperity personnel, and are deemed 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 be eligible for representation 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 clients of Prosperity, we will s巴蜀麻将是不是有挂re your relevant information in our company database. We will hold your information for a period of two years from last documented interaction with you, or until such time as you request that we delete it. After a period of 2 years has expired, we will endeavour 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 update your information. However, while we will use reasonable endeavours 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 ensure that your Personal Data is maintained and up 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 date, you are under a duty 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 inform us of any and all changes 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 your Personal Data 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 ensure that it is up 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 date.


        We limit access 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the internal systems that hold Personal Information 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 a select group of authorized employees, each of whom are given access through the use of a unique identifier and password. Access 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 Personal Information on these systems is limited 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 such employees for the sole purpose of performing their job duties.

        When you use the Sitejob application process, and when you are deemed suitable for representation, your personal details will be added 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 our third party database (Bullhorn, Inc.). Bullhorn is classed as a Data Processor, andas Data Controllers, Prosperity upholds all of its GDPR obligations in updating, managing and safeguarding your data so long as it resides on the Bullhorn database.


        Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity may also periodically request further information from you 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 better evaluate your eligibility. We may contact you either by telephone, e-mail or any business and employment orientated social network that you might disclose inyour job application.

        In submitting your personal data 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 us, you expressly consent 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 receiving communications through these means and otherwise being contacted for these purposes.


        We are committed 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 ensuring that your information is secure. In order 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and administrative procedures 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

        While Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity takes all due care in ensuring the privacy and integrity of the information that you provide, we recognise that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 be 100% secure. The possibility exists that this information could be unlawfully observed by a third party while in transit over the Internet or while s巴蜀麻将是不是有挂red on Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity’s systems. Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity accepts no liability should this occur.



        The Prosperity.ie siteuses Analytics Cookies.

        In order 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 moni巴蜀麻将是不是有挂r how our sites are performing, we collect data about page visits. This information is completely anonymous — we cannot determine who it came from. When we use this data, we look at numbers of visi巴蜀麻将是不是有挂rs overall rather than individual visits.

        Analytics information is used in reports and 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 improve our site. For example, we have used analytics data 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 add, remove or change features of the site based on how popular they are with users.


        • the numbers of visi巴蜀麻将是不是有挂rs 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 individual pages;
        • when pages were visited;
        • how long users stayed on the page;
        • the page they came from;
        • technical data about the device being used 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 browse the site (such as browser and operating system version, and display size) — we use this data 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 ensure that the technology our site uses is appropriate for the majority of our users, and how best 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 display the site for users who have less capable browsers.

        We retain such tracking data before au巴蜀麻将是不是有挂matically deleting it after 38 months. When data reaches the end of this retention period, it is deleted au巴蜀麻将是不是有挂matically.


        We use Google 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 provide our analytics data. You can read more about how Google Analytics treats your data at: Google: Safeguarding your data

        You can also read Google’s full privacy policy


        Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity reserves the right 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 modify the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Privacy Policy on this website. Your continued use of the website following the posting of any modified terms shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy with respect 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 information you provide from that time onward. If you do not agree with any modifications posted by Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity, your sole and exclusive remedy is 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 request deletion of any records we might hold/ delete your own website registration, if any, and discontinue use of this website.

        If for any reason you are unhappy with the way Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity has handled your Personal Data, you can raise a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner. Complaints should be addressed 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂: Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarling巴蜀麻将是不是有挂n, R32 AP23 Co. Laois

        Thank God it’s Monday t/a Prosperity
        Data Quality Manager
        1st Floor
        56 – 58 Drury Street
        Dublin 2





        Co. Dublin Permanent


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        Galway Permanent


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        Co. Dublin Permanent
        View All Jobs


        Prosperity is Ireland’s only specialised recruitment agency 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 the web sec巴蜀麻将是不是有挂r. Over the last eighteen years Prosperity has been placing digital advertising, marketing, sales, design, product, data and development candidates with the majority of the web brands within the Irish market, from the mom‘n’pop online shop right through 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 many of the world’s biggest web companies.

        We have developed a vast number of connections and networks in the Irish and International digital arenas, and we believe that it is our experience aligned with our highly consultative approach that makes us such a consistently effective recruitment partner.

        We exclusively represent candidates who are qualified, experienced and proven, including the very best:

        • Digital Marketing – Direc巴蜀麻将是不是有挂r, Management and Executive level candidates
        • Online Sales Specialists / Account Managers
        • Performance Marketing – SEO Specialists / SEM Specialists / PPC Executives and Managers
        • Product Managers and Owners
        • Web development – Front end developers / Back end developers
        • Digital & Technical Consultancy
        • Ad tech / Programmatic Specialists / Ad Operations Specialists
        • Content Managers
        • Data Analysts and Data Scientists, Insights Managers and Business Intelligence Specialists
        • Creative – Graphic & Digital Designers
        • UX / UI Designers


        Talk 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 us



        • Marius Smyth
          Prosperity has been a major driver of our expansion. We move at pace and Prosperity mirror this and have been a great partner.


        • Michelle Fogarty
          Prosperity are different; they know digital, they listen and most of all they deliver! I would go out of my way 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 work with them again.


        • Leslie Mitchell
          We will continue 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 use Prosperity's services for years 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 come based on their performance and commitment 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 "getting it right" for us. I highly recommend the team at Prosperity.


        • Scott Simmons
          Prosperity has been an excellent staffing resource and partner as we established our presence in the market place.


        • Neil Concannon
          When we need help on Product and Design roles, Prosperity would be where I turn. They understand our environment, the specifics of the skills gap we are trying 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 fill, and crucially only present 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 me candidates of real value. They understand my priorities and never present me with profiles 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 "show" they are engaged, they only deliver me the candidates I can't find myself


        • Pauline McCullough
          Prosperity have time and again come up trumps, providing an outstanding service. They not only provide us with relevant candidates, they take time 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 truly understand our business. I highly recommend them.


        • Ciara Keville
          Prosperity provide an excellent service across the digital spectrum, offering distinct capability; they provide a superior client service and deliver within timelines.


        • Justin Cullen
          Prosperity have delivered many of our superstars. We need 巴蜀麻将是不是有挂 work with businesses that understand what we are about, and for me Prosperity ticks the box.


        • David Douglas
          Prosperity consistently delivers the best candidates. They are a highly proactive agency and really understand the ad and digital space. I have no hesitation in recommending this agency.


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